Jams and Honey

Starting with just one Raspberry vine our crop has now grown to over 200 vines, we have slowly added Strawberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. This allows us to make delicious jams from these fruits. Always fresh berries, often turned in to jam the same day they are picked.

As our crop grows we have looked for more products to make from our berries and have now produced a truly delicious Raspberry Syrup, great on Ice Cream, pancakes or for making milkshakes or use when ever you need a Syrup.

Over the years these jams have won many awards at the local country shows. including best over all Jam on more than one occasion.

If you grow berries, you need bees to cross pollinate, so we decided we would add bee hives to our berry patches, the result has been a beautiful clear honey, D85_1035with an amazing taste.

Our Jams and Honey have proved a big hit at local markets, Selling for just $8 a jar, its hard to buy only one. We make Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry and Mixed Berry jams.

You can now order these direct from us and have them mailed anywhere in Australia, just go to our Shop page.

“The strawberry jam is very popular at our house. Perfect on scones or pikelets with cream, and the kids like it on a sandwich for school lunch. We love that there’s no chunky bits!”
Sarah (Gulgong)

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