Our choice of plants has been dictated by what we need for cooking in our Farm Kitchen, thankfully our soil and conditions suit our needs perfectly and have resulted in us being able to continually produce the fresh ingredients we need for cooking


We have decided to specialise in berries and now have over 100 raspberry bushes and will plant similar quantity of strawberry, blueberry and black berry plants over this winter.

Protected from birds and irrigated, have a have found our conditions are perfect for berries and have abundant crops each summer.

Fruit Trees

On the Kookaburra Estate we have 33 fruit trees providing us with a variety of fruit to use in our Farm Kitchen.  The trees are protected from frost and birds and irrigated from our bore to give us juicy fresh fruit.

As we use a lot of fruit in our cooking, we rarely have spare fruit to sell.


In addition to the chooks we keep for supplying fertile eggs, we keep a selection of chooks to supply us with fresh eggs for our cooking needs. Rarely do we use eggs more than a day or two old in our cooking, again ensuring only the freshest ingredients our usedmms_20140120

For those special needs we have quails, that produce abundant eggs both for our use and selling at markets.






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