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Following the huge success of our Raspberry Liqueur and Wine we have now expanded our range.

Taking berries predominantly grown on our farm we have produced a delicious range of Berry Liqueurs and Infused Vodkas.

Infused Vodkas

Unlike most infused Vodkas our Infused Vodkas are made from 500grms of berries per litre, and not just a berry essence.

Our Infused Vodkas include Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry and Mixed Berry. All with 40% Alcohol in a 500ml bottle

Great as a shot, or mix with Soda, lemonade or make your favourite Cocktail.

“I stumbled upon this local Blackberry infused vodka at the Mudgee markets and it’s a winner. Mix with soda and ice and it’s a refreshing afternoon drink while watching the sun go down. Kudos for trying something different!”                        Deric.(Mudgee)

Berry Liqueurs

Perfect straight, on ice or mixed with soda or a cocktail, and absolutely perfect poured over ice cream.

Vodka based, with sweetener added to make these Liqueurs a delicious drink, we have kept just a small kick to remind you they do contain 40% alcohol.

Your choice of Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, or Mixed Berry sold in 375 ml Bottles.

“Kookaburra Estate Raspberry Liqueur is definitely a favourite of ours, you can make some amazing cocktails with it! “
Jane ( Yarrawonga)

Kookaburra Estate  have a beautiful mixed berry liqueur which I have enjoyed as a smooth, sweet after-dinner drink. It is also refreshing served on ice as a pre-dinner drink in summer. Highly recommend it!

Sarah (Mudgee)

Raspberry Wine.

Known as one of Australia’s great wine making districts, Mudgee now boasts Bocoble, a new breed of wine made high in the hills outside of a Mudgee.

It sets a new era in wines, with both the sweetness and tartness only raspberries can offer.

Every stage of production of this unique wine is by hand, from picking, crushing to bottling. All treated with love and care to ensure the best wine possible.

Limited Edition Liqueurs and Infused Vodkas.

From time to time we have an excess of some crops we grow on our farm, we will use these to create limited editions of Liqueurs and/or Infused Vodkas.

Watch this page for the release of our Limited Edition ranges.

We are presently producing a Honey Liqueur, initial tasting suggest it will be a truly delicious Liqueur, however still needs a few months to reach its true potential.

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