The Kookaburra Estate

Welcome to The Kookaburra Estate, Bocoble.



The Kookaburra Estate

Set high in the hills just 30kms outside Mudgee the Kookaburra Estate is the pride of Kate and Garry Richards.

Bought as a rundown farm in 2011 it is now one of beauty and productivity. The homestead sits high on the hill, with a view over most of the property.

Boasting awards for their Berries, Jams, Eggs and Farm baking, The Kookaburra Estate has built a reputation for quality and friendliness and is well known in Mudgee and surrounds.

Our animals are all treated as pets and include Dexter and Galloway cattle, Louise and Clark, our large white pigs, Three miniature horses, 100’s of chooks of over 20 different breeds and of course Oscar, Bella and Cooper our much loved dogs.

The farm is developing daily as we add more irrigation, crops and continue to beautify the farm.

How It Started.

When looking for their “Tree Change”, Kate and Garry began searching for their new home in Central Western NSW. It was the laughter of Kate’s beloved Kookaburras when they arrived at this property that let them know it would be a happy place to start their new lives!


Whilst there was little doubt as to what they would name their farm, the arrival of “Spirit” solidified it. Caught and tangled in barbed wire on the boundary fence, this gorgeous Kookaburra was the first new addition to their farm family. Whilst Spirit was only with them for a short time, he now symbolises the joy and energy of their home!



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